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Driver2020 – how we will use your personal data

Under data protection law we need to advise you of what personal data we will collect, why we need it, what we will do with it, and your individual rights. Any updates to this policy while we hold your personal data will be communicated to you when they occur.

What we need

TRL Ltd will be the processor of the personal data you provide to us (on behalf of the controller – the Department for Transport). The data will be collected when you complete the registration survey and will include your name, email address, driver number, phone number and postcode.

You will receive invitations from us throughout the study to complete the surveys in return for your vouchers. Through each survey you will provide data on the driving you have done, your attitudes and behaviour, and any notable things that have happened to you while driving (for example near misses or collisions). These data will be stored for analysis at the end of the study. These data are really important, therefore we will send reminders to you if you do not complete these surveys within a certain time.  If you do not respond to these reminders, someone from TRL will telephone you to get your answers to some of the key questions within the survey.

Why we need it

We need your personal data so that you can be contacted to receive the training/e-learning/app (if relevant) and to receive invitations and reminders to complete subsequent surveys. We may also contact you to ask you if you would like to take part in telephone interviews (these are limited in number so not everyone will get to take part). Your driver number is required to confirm you have a provisional or full UK driving licence (as appropriate) and to obtain information from DVSA/DVLA/Pearson Vue as described later. We also collect information about your driving behaviour as part of our research data. The Driver2020 research programme is carried out in the public interest with a view to improving public safety, and your personal data will only be shared in the ways described on this page.

The legal basis for processing your data

Under data protection law all processing of personal data must have legal basis.  The legal basis for processing the data you provide us as part of the Driver2020 study is ‘public task’ because the research will inform how government and other organisations can help make young drivers safer, more confident and more skilful in their first year of driving – a period we know from previous research to be one that new drivers find challenging.

What we will do with it

We confirm that all your personal data stored by TRL and our partners is stored securely and will not be shared with anyone outside of the organisations provided in this notice. Each organisation is compliant with relevant data protection law and access to data will be restricted to those involved with the study. No data will be stored outside of the UK.

How long we keep your data, access, and complaints

Your personal data will be held in a secure database until the end of the study. The end date is currently planned to be March 2023; this is later than previously estimated due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of the study all study data will be anonymised and all personal data will be deleted.

You can request to see or update the personal data we hold at any time by contacting

You can ask to be removed from the study without providing a reason, by completing the ‘remove me from the study’ form HERE.

We also need to advise you of how we will share your personal data. The key thing to remember is that we will ONLY share it in the ways described below.

Data sharing with third parties

We will share some of the data you provide us in the registration survey with one of our delivery partners for the purposes of delivering your randomly-assigned education/training. (Please note that if, on the other hand, you are assigned to a control group, your data will not be shared with any of these organisations.) These organisations are:

Driving Instructors Association
Trak Global
Road Safety Analysis

The data that will be shared will be your name, email address and phone number (and in the cases of Road Safety Analysis and Trak Global, your postcode too). These are to allow the organisation to contact you and confirm your identity, and offer you whatever free education/training you have been assigned.

You will also be assigned a participant ID number on registration and this will be shared with the relevant organisation.

For all participants in the study (regardless of whether you are assigned to an intervention or a control group) we will share your name and driver number with DVSA (and their theory test provider, Pearson Vue) and DVLA. This is for the purposes of obtaining information on the date of practical test booking and pass, and date of theory test booking and pass, and relevant scores on these tests. Also for all participants, we will share just your name and email address with National Gift Cards, so that they can deliver your gift vouchers (for completing surveys) via email. We will also share postcodes with the UK Data Service Census Support Tool ‘Geoconvert’ ( for the purposes of understanding the types of area in which participants live. Further, we will also share your driver number with DVLA and UKROEd (who run driver improvement courses in GB) to check if you have accumulated any points on your licence or have been offered any driver improvement courses during the study.

Some final information about your data:

Any organisation we share your personal data with will also provide us with data about you based on your interactions with them. For example if you attend some training, the partner will share the date and time of your attendance, and if you download an app or do some e-learning, the partner will let us have any data from these such as journey data and learning scores. This might include data on how you have been driving, when and where for example, and this information may be used to decide automatically how you might be incentivised within a given intervention (for example, how many rewards you might receive). However, your rewards for completing the surveys will always be available.

Depending on the group you are in, we may also wish to talk to others in your household – e.g. anyone who has helped you with your driving, such as a parent. You will be advised of this by the partner organisation if appropriate, and it is all voluntary even once you are participating in the study. You would provide the contact details of the person in question if you both wished them to be involved (although you would be under no obligation to do so).

Finally, if you wish to talk to TRL’s Data Protection Officer they can be reached by emailing – please put ‘FAO data protection officer’ in the subject line. If you wish to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office you can find out how on their website ( Since your data will be processed by TRL on behalf of the Department for Transport, if you have any concerns, you can also contact DfT’s Data Protection Officer (please see for details).