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Driver2020 Prize Draw Terms & Conditions

The prizes offered for the Driver2020 prize draw will consist of the following:

TOP PRIZE:  4 x one year’s free car insurance (fully comprehensive) up to a value of £1500.

OTHER PRIZES: Two brand new tablets. The exact specification and specific terms and conditions will be decided near the end of the research project, but they will be approximately equivalent in specifications to a 2018 iPad (9.7inch), Wifi, 128GB storage. Also 10 x £50 vouchers from a choice of retailers.

The prize draw will be open for registration in December 2022, and prizes will be drawn in February 2023. (These dates are delayed from previously estimated due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated delays to the research.)

To be entered into the prize draw a participant can complete the ‘enter me into the prize draw’ question in the final Driver2020 survey, which is sent to them 12 months after passing their driving test. Whenever this survey question is completed (as long as it is before the end of the study) we will automatically enter you into the prize draw when it opens. Alternatively, any participant who has registered in the study can email their name and contact details to at the end of the study to be entered into the draw.

Participants will be notified by a landing page after completing the final survey to inform them of successful entry into the prize draw.

Only one entry per Driver2020 participant.

Only one prize per Driver2020 participant will be awarded.

Cash alternatives are not available.

Any participant who has entered the prize draw but then wishes to be removed from the draw may do so by emailing

TRL employees are excluded from the prize draw.

A random process will be used to pick winners.

Winners will be notified via email and phone by within 14 days of the draw taking place.

A Driver2020 participant should notify us of any change of contact details using the survey HERE.

TRL cannot be held responsible for an incorrect email address and / or telephone number if either is incorrect or has changed.

The winners must claim their prize within 14 working days of TRL sending notification. If the prizes are unclaimed after this date, TRL reserves the right to offer the unclaimed prizes to substitute winners selected at random in accordance with these rules.

Any winner of a free car insurance prize will, at the time they would receive it, need to either be over 18 and have a valid full UK car driving licence or equivalent, or be able to nominate someone who meets these criteria to receive the prize on their behalf (with all terms and conditions applying to this person as well). The precise mechanism by which the prize will be delivered, and the provider, will be decided by TRL when the prizes are drawn.

Winners will receive their prize within no more than six months of the draw being held. This is the longest time it would take; our intention is to deliver prizes within six weeks of the draw being held.

The winners may be asked to take part in publicity following the prize draw but they retain the right to decline if they wish. Receipt of the prize is not conditional on participating in possible publicity.

If you require any further information please email